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Welcome to the HIAU
Land Raffle!

On behalf of The Bishop, The Chairman of the Board, and the entire HIAU Team, we say thank you for your generosity. We kindly request your support by considering the donation of a parcel of your land to our special land raffle. This initiative is a vital part of our ongoing fundraising efforts, and your participation will have a profound impact on the future of Liberia and generations to come.

We understand that land is a precious asset, both sentimentally and financially. Asking for such a contribution is a significant request, and we want to assure you that your generosity is appreciated. Each land donation will be acknowledged and celebrated, with sincere gratitude extended to the individuals or families who make this extraordinary gesture.

By donating your land, you not only demonstrate unwavering dedication to this work God has called us to do, but also play a pivotal role in shaping a brighter future; A World Where No One Lives or Dies without a Quality Education. Join us today and be a part of this remarkable journey. Together, we can make a lasting difference!

The Process:

  • Complete the Land Donation Form.
  • Submit the original copy of the registration and prorated deed to HIAU. The Deed must be in HIAU’s name.
  • The property will then be included in the raffle.


  • Donation Period:
    August 1, 2023 — September 30, 2023
  • Due Diligence:
    Due Diligence will commence upon receiving the first donation and should be completed for all properties by November 30th.
  • Winners’ Announcement:
    The Winners will be announced weekly during the first three weeks of December, 2023

Ticket Price

  • Ticket price: $100
  • Minimum number of tickets to be sold: 1000
We Are Opening in 2024!

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our vision

A world where no one lives or dies without access to quality education.

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